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Web Tools by the Offen Group

SNP-derived PAM: Identify CRISPR systems to specifically target variant alleles .

Please view our CrisPam DB to find  editable human pathogenic SNPs and the suitable CRISPR/Cas systems to perform allele-specific targeting.

You may also manually insert your sequence of interest.

Allele-specific targeting can be employed to target 90% of the SNPs!

BE-FF: Base Editors Functional Finder identifies base editors to correct SNVs. Taking under consideration the properties of various base editors (activity window, PAM etc.) BE-FF is able to detect precise corrections without bystander editing or synonymous corrections. The ability of the tool to analyze the translation of a given sequence yields better results.

Apparently, even some transversion mutations (i.e. purine -> pyrimidine and vice versa) are editable through base editing!

The BE-FF DB presents human pathogenic SNPs that can be precisely converted by base editing. You may also use the BE-FF online web tool to analyze your mutation of interest.


For more information please contact Roy Rabinowitz:

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